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We are a team of  experts with immense experience in the field of speech and hearing in several states in India.

Simple steps of better hearing

Step 1: Hearing Test (audiogram)

The first step is to have your hearing evaluated. An audiologist, a professional who specializes in evaluating and managing hearing loss, will determine the type and degree of your hearing loss and its impact on your ability to communicate. 

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Step 2: Hearing aid evaluation 

During this procedure, the audiologist will discuss the various types of hearing aid styles, the latest technological advances, and what you can expect from your hearing aids. Together, you and the audiologist will decide which hearing aids are the most appropriate for your lifestyle, communication needs and budget.

Step 3: Hearing aid fitting

During this procedure, the audiologist will try various devices as per the hearing aid evaluation to fit to your ears and programmed to meet your specific communication needs. 


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Step 4: Hearing aid dispensing 

During this procedure, may involve adjustments to the hearing aids which will be based on your feedback and discussion with the audiologist and confirmed hearing aid is dispensed.


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       Hear one provides world-class advance speech and hearing solutions. 
       We have an outstanding team of audiologist's and health care professionals trained  nationality and internationally. Capable of most complex cases of speech and hearing.
       Our design is simple and spacious, waiting lounges diagnosis and treatment rooms are peaceful and positive. Everything is designed for the comfort and convenience of the patients.
       Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority.
       We provide most modern technological products and services.
       We constantly update our products and services as per the feedback of our own          customers.


Featured hearing aids

Invisible hearing aids
Rechargable hearing aids
 Hearing aids which connects all bluetooth devices ( All in One )
Iphone/Android streeming hearing aids (Mobile App) 

Benefits of wearing Hearing Aids


Did you know that not treating your hearing loss actually means you’re damaging your brain! Wow! Numerous research has shown a link between dementia and untreated hearing loss.However, research also shows that hearing aids actually help slow this effect of hearing loss.

Tinnitus correction

There is no cure for tinnitus. However, because most people who suffer from tinnitus also suffer from hearing loss, treating the hearing loss with hearing aids, can actually reduce the tinnitus symptoms and there are now even hearing aids designed specifically for people who suffer from tinnitus.

Greater independence

When you can’t hear your surroundings, you become nervous and unsure, even paranoid. You might not want to go out and do things for yourself  you have to rely on others to help  But when you can hear again with help of hearing aid, you gain greater independence and the confidence to do more for yourself.

Improved relationships

Do you often accuse people of being angry with you. Are you often in arguments with your family or friends because of miscommunication? Untreated hearing loss damages relationships . But with hearing aids, your communication is improved, thus improving your relationships.

Mental health

Hearing aids can actually improve your mental health and prevent depression. Studies have shown a correlation between hearing loss and depression. When you can’t follow conversations, especially when there’s a lot of background noise, you start to isolate yourself and to avoid activities and time with friends. Getting hearing aids so you can hear and understand what people are saying even in places like parties and sporting events, means you can get your life back again

Quality of life

By combining of all of them, when you aren’t annoyed by tinnitus, have more earning power, are happier, more independent, understand everything being said, and you have healthy relationships, you have a much better quality of life. Hearing aids can really help improve your life in profound ways. Today’s hearing aids can help you have a life you can hear again.


Believe it or not, but wearing hearing aids can actually increase your income.Treating your hearing loss reduced drops in income between 77% and 90% depending on the severity of the hearing loss.

Quality Assurance

We are following the guidelines provided by world health organisation (WHO) prevention of blindness and deafness (PBD) for hearing aid manufactures, distributers and service providers for developing countries.

   Difficulty in understanding in public  makes you ugly not the hearing aids


Our Address

Infopark road, Near civil station

Kakkanad, Pin: 682030  \\ Ph: +91 8129772924

Opening Hours

Monday – Saturday  10AM – 7PM

Sunday Holiday


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